Yu Yu Japanese Calligraphy School, Nelson, New Zealand


Akiko: I was born in Tottori, South West Japan, and I am New Zealand's only resident Japanese Grand Master Calligrapher. I hold the Japanese Government Licence of the Nihon Shodo Kyoiku Gakkai Calligraphy School, Tokyo. I am also licensed to perform the Japanese Tea Ceremony, and I am expert in the arts of kimono, ikebana, stamp carving and traditional Japanese bookbinding.

Tim: I am an English-born New Zealander, now a freelance advertising writer and artist, and formerly a creative director with multinational advertising agencies in Australia, Asia and Eastern Europe. Akiko and I met on the Chinese island of Cheung Chau, and were married on the Greek island of Santorini in 1998. We then lived in Prague, opening our first gallery and school near Prague Castle. In 2005 we moved to New Zealand, and created Yu Yu in Nelson.

Yu Yu Japanese Calligraphy Gallery and School