Yu Yu Japanese Calligraphy School, Nelson, New Zealand


Akiko is very pleased to announce that she is resmuming the calligraphy school in October! The school has been on hold since March 2010 while Akiko and Tim deal with personal issues (see the news page).

Akiko: Studying Japanese calligraphy is a wonderful experience for all ages! I began learning when I was 5. Now, as a Grand Master Calligrapher and fully qualified teacher, I love passing on my experience and knowledge. Yu Yu Beginners' Courses for Adults or Young People run for 6 months, with small weekly classes at different times. I also hold personal lessons by arrangement, for tourists or visitors to Nelson. No previous artistic experience or knowledge of Japanese is required! For more information please contact us. For TV coverage, click the links below:
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Yu Yu Japanese Calligraphy Gallery and School